Civil Personal Registration Number

This is better known as the CPR number. Danish law states that once you have your residence permit, you must apply for the CPR number in order to stay in Denmark. The number is issued by Municipal Citizen Service Centres called “Borgerservice”.

The CPR number is used in all aspects of life in Denmark, such as when in contact with the health authorities, libraries, banks, etc. If you later in life return to Denmark, the authorities re-activate your CPR number.

As soon as you have the number, please e-mail it to your study secretariat – your CPR number is used for your exams and transcript at RU.

How to Apply for a CPR Number

The municipality you live in, determines which “Borgerservice” Center you belong to. If you live in RUC dormatories, just read on and you can find out where to go. As soon as you have received your residence permit (non EU-citizens have the permit already), you should go to the center, bringing your passport, your residence permit and your rental agreement. You will also be asked to choose a doctor from a list of doctors in your area. The CPR number will be sent to you after some weeks.

Change of Address
If you change your address during your stay here, you need to inform the “Borgerservice Centre” within 5 days.



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